19 Nov 2013


An enzyme is a molecule that speeds up chemical reactions in all living things. Without enzymes, these reactions would occur too slowly or not at all, and no life would be possible. The human body has thousands of kinds of enzymes. Each kind does one spesific job. Without enzymes, a person could not breath, see, move or digest food.

Enzymes have many uses in addition to their natural functions in the body. Manufacturers use enzymes in making a wide variety of products. Some detergents contains enzymes that break down protein or fats that cause stains. Enzymes are also used in the manufacture of antibiotics, beer, bread, cheese, coffee, sugars, vinegar, vitamins and many other products. Physicians use medicine containing enzymes to help clean wounds, dissolve blood clots, relieve certain forms of leukaemia and cheek allergic reactions to penicillin. Doctors also diagnose some diseases by measuring the amount of various enzymes in blood and other body fluids. Such diseases include anaemia, cancer, leukaemia and heart and liver ailments.

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