4 Sep 2013

4 Statements Of Accepting Responsibility

For everyone, sincerity meant accepting responsibility for one's actions. Hearing the apology languange of accepting responsibility for one's wrong behavior is the most important part of an apology. It is what convinces these individuals that the apology is sincere. As one lady said, "I'm sorry" is not enough, never. For these individuals, if you want them to sense the sincerity of your apology, you might use statements such as :


💚I know that what I did was wrong. I could try to excuse myself, but there is no excuse. Pure and simple, what I did was selfish and wrong.

💚 I made a big mistake. At the time, I didn't think much about what I was doing. But in retrospect, I guess that's the problem. I wish I had thought before I acted. What I did was wrong.

💚 The way I spoke to you was wrong. It was harsh and untrue. I spoke out of anger, trying to justify myself. The way I talked to you was unkind and unloving. I hope you will forgive me.

💚 I repeated a mistake that we've discussed before. I really messed up. I know that it was my fault.

I knew a person, that I loved, but as I said in my 'Why Aplogize?'entry, nobody is perfect in this world. Yes, everyone and all of us make mistakes, but the only mistake that will destroy you is the one you are unwilling to admit. Some people says that forgive and forget, aight? But I will never forget what he said. I can't just let it go and the mess or the same mistakes come all over, again, again, and again.

For many individuals, the most part of an apology is acknowledging that one's behavior is wrong. My beloved will not admit that he ever does anything wrong. He just sweeps it under the rug and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. If i bring it up again, he will say, "I don't know what I did. Why can't you just forget it?" If he could admit that it was wrong, I would be willing to forgive him. But when he acts like he did nothing wrong, it's terribly difficult to overlook it. 

On that day, as tears came to my eyes, I just wish I could hear him say one time 'I was wrong'....cause, wise person is willing to accept responsibility for his or her mistakes....

That's all..... Assalamualaikum wbt,,,,,

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2 Sep 2013

5 Statements Of Regret

An apology must comes with expressing regret coz it is extremely important in the process of healing and restoration. If you want these people to sense your sincerity, then you must learn to speak the language of regret, which focuses on their pain and you behavior and how the two are related. It is communicating to them that you feel hurt coz you know your actions have hurt them. It is identification with their pain that stimulates in them a willingness to forgive.

If you are willing to express regret, here are some statements that may help you do so. Trust me, just clear our ego.


🔴 I know now that I hurt you very deeply. That causes me immense pain. I am truly sorry for what I did.

🔴 I feel really bad that I disappointed you. I should have been more thoughtful. i'm sorry that I caused you so much pain.

🔴 At the time, obviously I was not thinking very well. i never intended to hurt you, but now I can see that my words were way out of line. i'm sorrythat I was so insensitive.

🔴 I am sorry that I violated your trust. I've created a road-block in our relationship that I want to remove. I understand that even after I apologize, it may take awhile for you to venture down the road of trust with me again.

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Bye, assalamualaikum wbt. 

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1 Sep 2013

Why Apologize?

In a perfect world, there would be no need for apologizes. But because the world is imperfect, we cannot survive without them. One of the clear conclusions of athropologist is that all people have sense of morality : Some things are right, and some things are wrong. People are incurably moral. In psychology, it is often called the conscience. In theology, it may be reffered to as the "sense of ought" or the imprint of the divine..

It is true that the standard by which the conscience condemns or affirms is influenced by the culture. For example, in Eskimo (or Inuit) culture, if one is on trek and runs out of food, it is perfectly permissible to enter the igloo of a stranger and eat whatever is available ( I guess so, my conclusion in biology class, sir vj) . In most other Western cultures, to enter an unoccupied house would be considered "breaking ang entering," an offense punishable as a crime. Although the standard of a right will differ from culture to culture and sometimes within cultures, all people have sense of right and wrong....

When one's sense of right is violated, that person will experience anger. He or she will wronged and resenful at the person who has violated their trust. The wrongful act stands as a barrier between the two people, and the relationship is fractured. They cannot, even if they desired, live as though the wrong had been commited.... Something inside the offended calls for justice..yeah... Justice...! 
It is these human realities that serve as the basis of all judicial systems...

That is all that I can conclude... To be continued... Sabar adalah iman.. Hehe =)

- Good evening and assalamualaikum wbt....  

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